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11 Awesome Reasons to buy property in Noida

Awesome reasons to invest Noida

Noida is a planned city in Uttar Pradesh, India, located in the Gautam Budh Nagar district. The city has been established in 1976 under the UP Industrial Area Development Act and is a part of the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region). It has been planned on the grid concept, in urban planning, this is a city plan type in which streets run at right angle to each other, forming a grid.


Noida has excellent infrastructure, which attracts a lot of investors. The city was meticulously planned, as evidenced by the well-developed roads, world-class hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Noida is quickly becoming a popular location for IT and other corporate firms. Noida is poised for further growth in the coming years, thanks to the upcoming Jewar airport. Investing in Noida real estate is a wise decision because it provides excellent returns on investment.

Noida: Location Advantage

Noida is a satellite city of Delhi that is close to central Delhi. It is 14 kilometers away from Connaught Place and New Delhi railway station. Noida is also part of the Delhi Metropolitan Area.

Distance of Noida from key locations

Noida: Distance from airport and railway station

It is bounded on the north by NH24, which borders Ghaziabad, on the east by the Hindon River and Greater NOIDA, on the west by the Yamuna River, and the south by Delhi and Haryana. The Hindon River joins with Yamuna at NOIDA’s southern tip.

Noida Demographics: Highest per capita income in UP and healthy population growth

Noida’s population has been rapidly growing in recent years, and projections indicate that this trend will likely continue. According to reports, the population of Noida exceeded 10 lacs in 2010, representing a 100% increase in a decade. The Noida Master Plan predicts a population of 2.5 million by 2031, implying that the city’s rapid growth will continue.

As per master plan 2011, population of Noida in 2021 was projected at 12 lacs, However, primary census enumeration of 2010 revealed that Noida’s population had already crossed over to 10 lakhs in 2010.

Noida Master Plan

This anticipated growth is due to a variety of factors, including Noida’s proximity to Delhi, its growing reputation as an IT and BPO hub, and its extensive infrastructure development.

Noida Demographics and per Capita Income


Noida: Demographics and per capita income

Noida has the highest per capita income in Uttar Pradesh. Noida’s per capita income (PCI) was 3.9 times that of the state in 1999-2000, and rose to 9.03 times that of Uttar Pradesh in 2019-20. 

Noida Connectivity: Expressways, Metro lines and Freight corridors


Noida has the unusual advantage of being an Indian city, with six expressways connecting it to the rest of the country. The six expressways that connect Noida to Delhi, Greater Noida, Agra, and Ghaziabad are as follows;

  • Noida Greater Noida Expressway: The Expressway between Noida and Greater Noida is an eight-lane expressway that connects Noida and Greater Noida. It is one of India’s busiest expressways, connecting the two cities quickly and conveniently.
  • Yamuna Expressway: Noida and Agra are linked by the Yamuna expressway, with six lanes it provides with a smooth and trouble-free journey.

Yamuna Expressway was first one in India to be successfully tested for emergency landing of aircrafts, IAF’s Mirage 2000 jet had successfully landed here.

Economic Times

  • Delhi Noida Direct (DND) Flyway: Connecting Noida and South Delhi, is India’s first eight-lane expressway. Completed four months ahead of schedule in January 2001, it is the starting point for India’s largest construction project, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.
  • The Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE): It is a 135-kilometre-long transit road that connects Kundali and Palwal in Haryana with Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Delhi-Meerut Expressway: This expressway runs through Noida and connects Meerut and Delhi. Known as National Expressways -3 (NE-3) it has the widest 14-lane stretch on any expressway in India at Dasna in Ghaziabad.
  • Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Expressway (FNG): When completed, the Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad (FNG) Expressway will be 56 kilometers long and will provide quick and easy access to Noida

Metro Lines

Noida is connected to Delhi and Greater Noida via three metro routes or lines. The Blue line and Magenta line is operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and the Aqua line is operated by Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC).

  • Blue Line: This route connects Noida Electronics City with Dwarka Sector 21, via Connaught Place, in central Delhi. The Blue Line has 12 metro stations in Noida and connects the initial sectors of the city.
  • Magenta Line: This rout connects Janakpuri west in Delhi connecting Terminal-1 of Delhi airport via South Delhi to Botanical Garden Metro station in Noida.
  • Aqua Line: The Noida-Greater Noida Aqua line is a 28.87 km line, with 21 metro stations that runs from Noida Sector 51 to the Depot station in Greater Noida.

No. From To Planned Station Length (Km) Present Status Locations to benefits most
1 Sector 51, Noida Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida 9 14.958 In advance stage of planning, construction expected to start soon Sector 120, 121, sector 73 in Noida and Noida Extension (Greater Noida West)
2 Sector – 142 Botanical Garden corridor 11 11.504 Initial stage of planning, alignment is being finalized Sectors located along Noida expressway, Sector 142, 143, 144, Sector 94, 124 -132
3 Depot Station Bodaki corridor 3 3 Initial stage of planning Greater Noida and DFC corridor
Noida Aqua line proposed expansion plan

Dedicated Freight Corridor

The Dedicated Freight Corridor is an Indian railway line which passes through Noida. A 48 acre integrated residential cum office complex by DFCCIL is also under construction at Sector 145, Noida. The DFC will relieve congestion on the existing rail network by providing a dedicated route for freight trains. When finished, the DFC will be able to handle heavier and longer trains than the current rail lines. It is expected to cut freight train journey times by up to 50%. The DFC is under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Noida International Airport: Increasing employment opportunity and economic activity in Noida

Noida International Airport, also known as Jewar Airport, is an upcoming airport in India’s National Capital Region. Situated in the district of Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, the airport will be India’s second largest after Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Location of Noida International Airport Jewar, along Yamuna Expressway about 50-55 Km from Noida
Development Model Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Total Land Area 1,334 hectares (to be developed in phases)
Concessioner/ Developer/ Operator Flughafen Zürich AG
Concession Period 40 years
Expected Completion year of Noida Airport 2024
No Runways being developed in Noida Airport Phase 1: 2 runways Phase 2-4: 6 runways
Noida International Airport: Key Facts

Noida International Airport: Passenger and Cargo Projection

Noida Airport passenger and cargo projection

The airport is expected to handle more than 77 million passengers by 2050. A four-lane access road and a six-lane expressway will connect the airport to the existing national highway network. The first phase of the airport is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Every dollar spent on aviation results in benefit worth 3.5 dollars and every direct job results in the creation of 6.1 indirect jobs in the economy.

ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization

The Noida/Jewar International Airport is expected to transform the Noida real estate market. It is expected to create over two lakh jobs and boost regional economic activity. This will result in an influx of people from all over India and the world, eager to take advantage of the opportunities created by the airport.

NOIDA Authority: Enabling Planning and Urbanization

The Authority is in charge of approving building plans, issuing construction permits and for the development of Noida as a planned city and for providing essential services to Noida residents. The Noida Authority also collects property taxes and offers other services to the residents of Noida.

Land in Noida is acquired and allotted by Noida Authority which has been pivotal for the development of Noida

The Noida Authority is a statutory body of the Uttar Pradesh government that regulates and develops the planned city of Noida. it is in charge of the development of Noida’s infrastructure, which includes roads, electricity, water supply, and sewerage.

Noida Master Plan 2031: A blue print for urbanization

The Noida Master Plan 2031 is a development plan, prepared by the Noida Authority for the Noida region. The plan was approved by the Noida Board of Directors and the Uttar Pradesh Government in July 2007. It aims to create a liveable and economically viable integrated and sustainable urban environment. The plan envisions Noida as a green and smart city with a well-connected network of roads, public transportation, and infrastructure. It also establishes goals for residents’ quality of life, such as access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.

The Noida Master Plan 2031 is a blueprint for the development of the Noida region over the next 20 years, with a focus on the city’s future growth and development. It considers projected population growth as well as anticipated increases in commercial and industrial activity.

The Noida Master Plan is reviewed, and updated every five years ensuring that it remains relevant to the changing needs of Noida region.

Noida: Efficient Land Use planning and Implementation

Land Use Noida
Land Use Noida

The use of land in Noida is governed by the Noida Master Plan 2031. The primary goal of this plan is to ensure efficient use of the city’s land resources while also providing for a variety of social and economic activities. To achieve this goal, a variety of land use zones have been established, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional areas. The zoning of land use is strictly enforced in order to prevent unauthorized development.

Role of UP RERA: Safeguarding buyer interests

The Noida RERA bench has been established in 2018 by UP RERA, to protect homebuyers’ interests, and to regulate the real estate sector in Noida. It is also responsible for the registration of real estate projects and agents in Noida and Greater Noida. All complaints relating to violations of RERA Act can be lodged with Noida RERA.

Noida RERA has been given the authority to settle disputes between promoters and allottees, develop real estate policies, and monitor compliance with the RERA Act. It has devised an online portal for the registration of complaints as well as projects & agents. Home buyers can also check the status of their complaints online. UP RERA Noida has been very active in registering and approving projects and has so far registered over 500 projects.

UP RERA project registration and Complaint filed UP RERA project registration and Complaint filed

The number of complaints registered with UP RERA and their disposal is highest in the country.

Lower Cost of Living in Noida

The cost of living in Noida is significantly lower when compared to other parts of the NCR. This is due to several factors, including the lower cost of housing, food, and transportation. This makes it an ideal place to live for those on a budget near Delhi. 

Job opportunities and Corporates present in Noida

Noida is quickly becoming a hub for businesses and job opportunities. The city is home to many large corporations, and the government is working to make it even more business-friendly.

Major corporates and MNC present in Noida include Adobe, TCS, HCL, Oracle, Microsoft, Accenture, etc. Microsoft and TCS are developing their campuses along Noida Greater Noida expressway, which is expected to be operational within next 2-3 years.

A mobile cluster is already operational in Greater Noida. Prominent mobile manufactures such as OPPO, Vivo, Lava and Dixon technology have already started production here. Noida and Greater Noida also have flourishing manufacturing units by notable companies like Honda, Minda, Haier, and LG. Numerous data centers are being developed in the vicinity, which will bring further economic prosperity to the city.

Social Infrastructure in Noida

Noida is a planned city, and has been built with the needs of its residents in mind. The city has world-class healthcare, education, and housing facilities. It is home to numerous prestigious educational institutions, including Amity University, Delhi Public School, and Sharda University.

The city has some of the best hospitals, such as Fortis and Max Super Specialty Hospital. Which offer high-quality medical care. It has a number of parks and recreation centers where residents can spend their free time. Noida’s social infrastructure is well developed and meets the needs of all segments of society.


Noida is one of the most preferred locations for residential and commercial real estate investment. Due to its unique blend of infrastructure development, metro connectivity, lower cost of living, and social infrastructure. These factors are enticing buyers to invest in real estate in Noida. If you want to invest in the Delhi-NCR region, looking for properties in commercial or residential segments or in locations that offer good returns on investment, then check out our insights for Noida.

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