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A Guide to Buying Property in Sector 150 Noida


Buying property in the Sector 150 Noida, real estate market can be both exciting and intimidating. It is often an intimidating process with a lot of research and financial commitment involved. However, with the right information, the process can be made easier and more enjoyable.

This comprehensive guide prepared by KnowbleR will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision when investing in Sector 150 Noida real estate market. From understanding the location, assessing the market trends, and researching the different options available, to understanding the legalities and taxes involved, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Understanding the Location Sector 150, Noida

Located at the southern periphery of Noida at the confluence of Yamuna and Hindon Rivers along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Sector 150, Noida is the newest addition to the burgeoning residential hotspots of Noida. Sector 150 is connected with the Aqua line metro network, with sector 148 being the nearest metro station.

Since it is the first sector of Noida while coming from Noida International airport, this location is expected to benefit the most as and when the airport becomes operational. This location is in close proximity to the educational hubs of Greater Noida-Noida and promises to be an excellent location to reside in. 

Planning and Land Use Sector 150 Noida

Land use sector 150, Noida

Sector 150 appears among the largest green patches in the master plan Noida- 2031 and has been provisioned as recreational areas dedicated to sporting facilities. Conceptualized as a sports city, its development was initiated in 2014 with the allotment of land to two master developers- 3C Lotus group and Logix group.  Approximately 500 acres of land were allotted to the two developers who further subleased to other developers. Land use of sector 150 is provisioned for as follows

  1. Recreational area not less than 70 percent among the maximum for upcoming locations in Noida  
  2. Commercial not more than 2 percent
  3. Residential including group housing 28 percent
  4. Floor-Area Ratio: Maximum floor area ratio of 2 (extendable to 2.5, for metro corridor) as compared to an average of 3.5, implies that built-up construction is bound to be much lesser in comparison to the dense clusters of Noida.
  5. Maximum ground coverage 30 percent for residential projects

Sports infrastructure development is the focus in this sector which is being done by the developers as part of their respective residential projects. Eldeco’s cricket ground, ATS’ mini golf course, and Olympic size pool are a few such examples.

Infrastructure at Sector 150, Noida

Most sector roads in sector 150, Noida are in place. However, most residential projects here are still under-construction. The nine-hole golf course, cricket stadium, and indoor sports complex are still in their planning stages. Despite being adequately planned, markets, schools, and healthcare facilities are yet to take off, but are expected to come up as and when the area gets occupied and settled.

Proposed infrastructure at Sector 150 Noida

NoInfra InitiativeLocationCurrent StatusSource
1Yamuna Embankment Road (Bandh Road) From sector 94 via Kalandi Kunj , sectors 135, 168 and 150

Further connection to Yamuna expressway
15 km stretch is expected to begin in 2023

total 26 km stretch in planning stage
2Manjhawali BridgeOver Yamuna connecting Noida, Greater Noida to Faridabad ahead of sector 150 towards JewarLast phase complete, expected to be functional by March, 2023DNA
3FNG Bridgenear Lalpur village in Faridabad, will connect Faridabad with FNG and sector 92To start in 2023 post govt. approvalsDNA
49-hole golf course in 42 acres

cricket academy

football field, a tennis centre with multiple courts,  and multi-game courts
sector 150The golf course at the planning stage
Cricket academy by Eldeco Group and a
football field by ATS Group is under development,
Other sports infrastructure at planning stage.
A separate golf course by ATS adjoining its projects under development
490 acres golf coursesector 151AUnder Construction
Expected completion Dec, 2023
Infrastructure initiatives, Sector 150

The infrastructure initiatives, mentioned above are expected to play an important role in the establishment and development of Sector 150.

Real estate overview Sector 150 Noida

Sector 150 has the presence of major national developers like Tata Housing, Max, and Godrej along with reputed regional developers like ATS, Eldeco, Mahagun, and Ace Group. Supply is predominantly in the form of apartments while a limited number of villas are available in ATS Pristine, Antariksh, and Mahagun Meadows. Plots are not available in this location.

Google map, with real estate projects/ property in sector 150 Noida

Real estate developments in this sector took off in 2014. At present ATS Pristine and Ace Golfshire, are the only completed projects having significant occupancy.

Pricing trend sector 150, Noida

Once fully developed sector 150, Noida is expected to have around 30,000 dwelling units out of which, a supply of approximately 12,000- 15,000 apartments is expected to be delivered in this location by 2025-27

  • Pricing: INR 6,500- 9,000 per Sq. Ft. on super area
  • Dwelling units are available in 2, 3, and 4 BHK configuration
  • 3 BHK is the most favored configuration. Limited availability of 5 BHK units.

The average size of the dwelling units here is larger in comparison to the other residential clusters of Central Noida and Noida expressway.

Residential property in Sector 150 Noida

ProjectLand Area (Acres)UnitsDensity
Units per Acre
Price Start (INR)Size Starting
(Sq. Ft.)
(INR per Sq. Ft.)
ACE Parkway109729897,63,9151,0858,99929-06-2023
Antriksh Golf City2052763,00,0001,0506,00031-07-2023
Antriksh Grand View5384771,35,78,0001,8607,30031-03-2022
ATS Kingston Heath9442491,99,75,0002,3508,50003-08-2026
ATS Pious Hideaways8729911,13,40,0001,4008,10030-09-2026
ATS Pristine(Phase 2)4344 861,57,50,0001,7509,00031-12-2021
Daksh Avenue8453571,46,52,0001,9807,40030-11-2027
Eldeco Live by the Greens65759685,00,5001,1377,47630-06-2025
Godrej Palm Retreat11.356415680,40,0008978,97530-12-2025
Le Grandiose, ph-113770601,46,25,0001,6259,00030-06-2023
Le Grandiose, ph-27424601,91,25,0002,3008,00030-06-2025
Mahagun Meadows7289411,01,03,2501,4257,09003-09-2021
Max Antara4276691,29,00,0001,4768,77017-12-2024
Pious Orchard9620691,87,00,0002,3507,70030-09-2028
Prateek Canary13664511,15,00,0001,7006,77530-04-2027
Samridhi Luxuriya107427489,70,5001,1657,70031-12-2022
Tata Eureka2118408897,68,0001,1108,80031-08-2022
The Resident Tower4231581,83,75,0002,4507,50024-10-2024
Godrej Nurture9473531,64,00,0001,9078,60004-01-2024
Residential projects snapshot, Sector 150 Noida

Please note the prices in the table above is as per the date provided, in Jan, 2023, the areas are the super areas except in case of Godrej it is the built up area (carpet area + balconies)

Real estate in sector 150, Noida has witnessed robust demand from the investors as well as end users due to varied options with unique sports-based amenities, lower density in comparison to other locations of Noida, superior specifications, projects by established developers and good connectivity through expressways and metro.

Key Highlights

  • Emerging location for premium housing with relatively lower density
  • Sufficient open area with 70 percent
  • Presence of established developers such as ATS, Max, Tata, and Godrej
  • Planned amenities such as multiple golf courses, a cricket stadium, a football field, and a 42-acre park
  • Location for long-term investments, not ideal for short term
  • Expected to stabilize with infra and occupancy by 2026-27
  • New supply to continue, with next phases being launched in existing projects and new projects expected to be introduced by Prestige

Things to watch out for

  • Most projects are under construction, and are or expected to be delayed from RERA disclosed timelines
  • Negligible social infrastructure in the form of malls, hospitals and schools
  • Proposed amenities to be developed by respective developers


As usually happens in metro cities, the southern parts turn out to be the prime ones. Be it south Delhi, south Mumbai, south Kolkata, or south Bangalore, affluent buyers always prefer to have a home in the southern part of a city.

Sector 150, Noida holds the similar potential of becoming one of the posh and premium locations of Noida in the coming years with a significant allocation of open area, relatively lower density, a slew of sports infrastructure along with projects from established developers.

While amenities like a cricket ground and football field will attract young families and sports enthusiasts, older and retired residents are expected to opt for this location due to its golf courses and greener surroundings. Going forward, Sector 150 is expected to become one of the most sought-after locations for those seeking a wholesome living experience.

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